Commercial, industrial and retail window tinting in Stockton, CA

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ENCORE Window Tinting has the right film and quality installation for your commercial, Industrial or retail building!

ENCORE Window Tinting is Stockton, California’s (Tracy, Lathrop, Manteca, Modesto)  #1 Tinting company.  We offer window tinting, window films, safety and security films, decorative, high heat rejecting films, privacy tinting, UV protection and anti-graffiti films. There are so many options and reasons for having the windows tinted on your commercial / retail building. Each job is a little different and with so many high quality films available to us, we’ll have the right product to fit your needs. ENCORE Window Tinting will come out to your building and give you a personalized quote for your project. Along with our high quality films that are backed by the best manufactures warranty on the market, we guaranty the professional quality of our installations.
Whether you have a small retail project, large scale commercial or government installation, ENCORE Window Tinting is your best choice in San Joaquin County!

Safety and Security films.
Even if a would be thief breaks the glass, we can make it extremely difficult for them to get in – making “smash and grabs” a thing of the past.

Check out this video HERE of our installed film in action, keeping out a real thief in Stockton, CA.

security film installation

Starbucks drive thru tinting

Starbucks in Lodi, CA
Glare reduction, Heat rejection

Commercial Window Tinting - Lathrop Police Department in Lathrop California

Commercial Window Tinting – Lathrop Police Department Window Tinting in Lathrop, CA
Glare reduction, Heat rejection, Blocking the view into the building (Privacy).

Heat Rejection

Thermometer Icon

Efficient heat rejection means improved comfort


Personal privacy or protecting items and customers from prying eyes


Without a doubt, window tinting enhances the looks of your building

Glare Reduction

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Reduce glare from the sun and reflecting bright lights

UV Protection

99% UV-A and UV-B protection is equivalent to an SPF of 285 for people and interior furnishings

Safety and Security

No more flying, broken glass. With the right film we can also prevent “smash and grabs”

A/C Cooling Costs

Our films can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 30%


Protect precious surfaces from vandalism

Style & Appearance

Add style to your building with a large range of film options.

Environmentally conscious

Help reduce your carbon footprint while improving comfort

All of our films offer some safety. When a tinted window is broken, the film helps hold the glass together so it doesn’t shatter all over people, furniture and the ground. Our security films take that protection to a whole new level! We carry security films up to 14mm thick. These film are designed to help hold a shattered pieces of glass in place even with an intruder beating it with a weapon.

Elite Panorama Solar Gard Dealer

As a Panorama Elite Dealer the film we install comes with a 16 year warranty on the film itself, a 10 year warranty on the glass and even matches the warranty from the manufacturer of your windows for seal failure.