Commercial Security Film Project Recap

Planned Parenthood Tracy

Here we are going to go over this project with a little more detail. Planned Parenthood is very involved in protecting you and your privacy while you are at their offices.

Film removed:
We removed all of the aged and damaged Anti Graffiti film from the exterior of the windows. Then we removed all of the window tinting from the inside of the building.

Film installed:
We installed our 8mil Stainless Steel 20% security film on the inside of the glass. When you install security film it is crustal that you install the “Dow Corrning 995”. This process of installing Dow Croning bonds the glass (and security film) to the window frames.

Here is a before picture. We started by removing the damaged Anti Graffiti film (exterior) and Window Tint (interior).

Then we moved on to install the 8mil security film. We also had to cut and install new vinyl lettering for the front doors.

Once the film was installed it was time to apply the Dow Corning 995. This step requires us to tape off all the windows and window frames. This process bonds the glass and security film to the window frame. The importance to this is that if the window is broken for any reason, the glass stays in place. This in-turn helps protect items and people from flying glass. It also help stop intruders from breaking the glass and entering the building.


Once this process is complete we remove the tape (which then leaves a nice clean straight line) and clean the windows.

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