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ENCORE Window Tinting security film installation can bring you peace of mind for your commercial, industrial, retail, residential buildings and schools!

Security film is a large part of our business here in Stockton. Glass is the weakest link for any intruder wanting to access a building. We help can change that. The safety and security film’s job begins once an intruder attempts to break the glass. This also applies to bomb blasts. The film can make the glass a little harder to break, but it’s real purpose is to keep the glass together once the glass is broken. Even with a weapon, breaking your way through the security film is extremely difficult. Every second counts when an intruder is trying to enter your building, house or school. Security films give you that extra time or deter the intruder altogether. As of yet, we have not had an intruder gain access to the inside of a building through a window that we have installed security film on.  We don’t want to mislead you, given enough time and the right weapon, penetration through the glass and film is possible.
Whether you have a small retail project, large scale commercial, government or school installation project, ENCORE Window Tinting is your best choice in San Joaquin County!

Untrreated Broken store front glass

Untreated glass falls to the ground when broken. This creates a convenient entryway for an intruder to enter.

Tempered and non tempered glass broken

Weather your glass is tempered or non tempered, security film can help hold it together and in place, slowing an intruder or protecting people from flying glass pieces and shards. In an explosion glass can fly at speeds up to 68 MPH.

As you can see in the pictures above, broken glass can be dangerous and difficult to clean up when security film is not installed. A police officer or any other first responder would need to clime through that same broken glass to clear the building.

Safety and Security films.
Even if a would be thief breaks the glass, we can make it extremely difficult for them to get in. Making “smash and grabs” a thing of the past.

Check out this video of our installed film in action, keeping out a real thief in Stockton, CA.

security film installation

Skipping steps to save money now will cost you much more if a window is broken out.

Application of security film to the glass is only one part of the installation process. The next step is to bond the security film to the window frame. There are a few ways to accomplish this part. Some installers skip this step. If this important step is skipped, the film will still hold the glass together but it can easily be knocked out of the frame in one big piece. This defeats the whole purpose of installing security film in the first place.

Lets take a look at some of the installation process

Prepping the glass and installing the specific thickness and darkness of the desired security film.

Security film installed by encore window tinting

We install a 1/2″ or larger uniform bead of the structural adhesive all the way around the window.

Installing the dow corning 995

Tape off all the windows in preparation for the installation of Dow Corning 995. This is a structural adhesive that is used to bond the security film to the window frame.

The widows and frames are taped off in preparation for the installation of Dow Corning 995. The Dow Corning 995 bonds the security film to the window seal. This bond holds the security film and glass in place in the event that the glass is broken.

Installation of dow corning 995

Once the Dow Corning is installed we remove the tape.

All of our films offer some safety. When a tinted window is broken, the film helps hold the glass together so it doesn’t shatter all over people, furniture and the ground. Our security films take that protection to a whole new level! We carry security films up to 14mm thick. These film are designed to help hold a shattered pieces of glass in place even with an intruder beating it with a weapon.

Elite Panorama Solar Gard Dealer

As a Panorama Elite Dealer the film we install comes with a 16 year warranty on the film itself, a 10 year warranty on the glass and even matches the warranty from the manufacturer of your windows for seal failure.