Commercial Window Tinting – Weberstown Mall Skylights in Stockton California

Weberstown Mall – Commercial Window Tinting – We just finished up these skylights. Glare, UV and Heat reduction… You’re welcome! 😂🤣 Next time you’re at the mall, look up and see our work. 👍 We install Sentinel Plus DX 5  which is a film that goes on the exterior of the glass. This was required due to the difficulty of getting to the glass from inside the building. This exterior film offers extremely impressive rejection numbers! 85% heat rejection and 99% UV A and B protection. This mean no more glare, Fading clothes inside stores and adds to the comfort for customers by block excess heat from entering the building. This was a fun project the required a lot of ingenuity in order to overcome obstetricals that come from working on such large skylight from the roof of the building.    #CommercialWindowTinting #EncoreWindowTinting #WeberstownMall


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