Window Tint Installation Project Recap

Window tinting – 2019 Holt CHALLENGER MT765E  AG Tractor

Some of the toughest window tinting I’ve done in years! Thank you Holt for these huge curved windows. LOL It made for an interesting and long day! I tinted this tractor with Vortex 35% all the way around. The customer says it makes all the difference for the A/C on a hot day. This Vortex 35% made by #solargard gives a 55% heat rejection and 99% UV protection. The 35% is a great film for both heat rejection and viewing out of. Any darker and you wont be seeing much of anything through those windows at night. Obviously darker films are harder to see through but these tractors also have large Monitors/screens in them that light up the inside of the cab and make it harder to see out at night. This makes choosing the correct darkness of film very important. Tinting odd shaped and large windows is nothing new to me. Throughout over 20 years of window tinting you see a ton of different and unique window sizes and shapes. A few of these windows had to be tinted in two pieces. We were able to hide the seams behind the metal bars running the length of the windows. If we were able to remove the glass it might have been possible to do the windows in one piece. The customer was extremely happy with the finished project and has 3 more to get tinted when the tractors have some down time.  #TractorTinting.   #EncoreWindowTinting #gettinted #solargard #vortex  #holt #challenger #MT765E #AGtractor

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