Here is a Paint Protection Film Installation on a MB GLE 350 Hood

See how we bulk this Mercedes Benz GLE350 hood. On this hood we use a 4 corner tack. We bulk almost all of the hoods we install Paint Protection Film on. Bulking hoods is easier, faster, and very customizable.

Follow along as I go over the full process, step by step from start to finish. Learn some new tricks, tips, and techniques on this Paint Protection Film installation. We’ll cover stretching, how to deal with ridges, squeegeeing, tacking the edges, wrapping edges and corners, and heat sealing the edges.

Welcome to the fascinating world of Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation at ENCORE Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film! Our latest video takes you behind the scenes as we work on enhancing the protection of this Mercedes Benz GLE350 hood.

🚗 In this exclusive showcase, we’re not providing a tutorial, but rather inviting you to witness the artistry of our PPF installation services. Discover the efficiency of our approach as we employ a 4-corner tack on this hood – a technique that makes the process easier, faster, and highly customizable.
Join Brent, the visionary behind Encore, as he takes you step by step through the entire process—from stretching and squeegeeing to tacking edges, wrapping corners, and heat-sealing the edges. This PPF tutorial is your go-to resource for mastering the art of paint protection installation. After following our comprehensive guide, share your newfound confidence, challenges, and successes in the comments below. We value the exchange of stories within our thriving community.

➡️ At Encore, we don’t just offer tutorials; we invite you to be a part of a dialogue. Explore the wealth of knowledge Brent has amassed since his journey began in 1998. From a window tinting class to becoming a self-taught expert in Paint Protection Films, Brent’s passion for automotive enhancement shines through in every video. Expect not only insightful tutorials but also glimpses of stunning cars that every enthusiast will appreciate.