Automotive window tinting – 2 Tesla Model Y’s Tint and PPF

2 2021 Model Y Tesla’s.
2 TESLAS……. 2 DAYS. What R they getting? ➡️➡️ Paint Protection Film (full hood packages) and ➡️➡️ Window Tinting 🔥🔥 all the way around. Both Tesla’s got all of the windows tinted with our XenithIR ceramic film. The window film offers a 65% heat rejection and a 99% UV protection. The Paint Protection Film covers the full hood, full fenders, full bumper, headlights, side view mirrors and we also cover the door handles with a matte finish PPF. Take a look at the video to see use as we work on the cars. Form the installation to a walk around of the final products. Both of these cars were brought in by different customers and just happened to be scheduled one right after another. We work on a lot of Tesla’s here at ENCORE Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film.

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