Window Tint Installation Project Recap

Automotive window tinting – 2019 Toyota Corolla

2019 Toyota Corolla – Window Tinting – We installed our Galaxie 5% (43% heat rejection) on the rear half and 50% on the front 2 if this Toyota. Check out these before and after pictures. What a difference window film makes on a car! Not only for the passengers inside, but for the look of the vehicle. It’s looks much sportier now! The dark black film on a white care really gives a great contrast. The 5% on the back half of this Toyota (also known as limo tint) is as dark as window film gets. It’s great for privacy especially if you leave anything in the back seat of your car while you are away from it. Prying eyes are going to have to find someone else’s car to look into. 🙂  #EncoreWindowTinting #gettinted #itshotout #windowtinting #toyotacorolla #Toyota #corolla

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