Window Tint Installation Project Recap

Automotive Matte Paint Protection Film – 2023 White Tesla Model 3 in Matte

2023 White Tesla Model 3 – MATTE Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) – We just finished this full body Matte finish paint protection film installation. It came out amazing! If you are looking for an expert quality install you’ve found the right shop. I’m my hugest critic when it comes to my installs.
The amount of effort that we put in to these matte finish installs is huge and it shows in the finished product. We remove things like cameras, exterior window scrapers trim (on the top of the doors), taillights in the trunk and body, emblems and lettering. We also removed bolts in the front bumper so we can tuck as many edges out of sight as Possible! Wrapping the corners and edges take hours on any PPF install but matte finish requires a higher level of this so we can hide all of the gloss paint.
See for yourself in the video and pictures below. We can turn any vehicle to a matte finish with the PPF. 


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