Automotive window tinting – 2019 Tesla model 3 Gray

2019 Tesla model 3 in the shop for window tinting. The rear window turns into the roof and is tinted in one piece. It’s the largest rear window and requires us to keep large rolls of film in stock that are only used on this one vehicle! Don’t settle for only half of your rear window being tinted or it being tinted in two pieces. We always tint these rear windows in one piece. Encore Window Tinting installed Vortex 15% on the rear half and UP80 (CA legal) UV shield on the front two doors and sunroof. The 15% gets a impressive 60% heat rejection,  the UP80% gives 42% and they both give 99% UV protection.   #EncoreWindowTinting #gettinted #Tesla#model3 #solargard #vortex #1piece

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