The latest innovation in Nano-Ceramic Technology. i3Ceramic provides excellent heat rejection, color, and clarity.

Built on time tested Gen-4 deep dye technology and layered with proprietary multi-component ceramics,

i3Ceramic outperforms all other films in its class.

With its color specified to match that of our Black and Black Ceramic lines; i3Ceramic has a rich, deep
black color and low exterior light reflectivity-unlike many other ceramic films on the market today.
Using our advanced Nano-Technology, i3Ceramic has virtually no low angle haze, giving your customers unmatched optical clarity to enjoy a crisp clear view.

Specially formulated for automobile applications, you get the best of both worlds. Performance that rivals
that of our Huper OptikTM Ceramics with the beautiful color and industry leading warranty of our other autobahnTM films.

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