Window Tint Installation Project Recap

Paint Protection Film Clear Bra – 2019 Volkswagen Atlis

2019 Volkswagen Atlis. Look out Audi… This SUV has all of the bells and whistles and is 20K cheaper. I’m not a huge new VW fan but this one is extremely nice! Very impressive VW, nice work! This Volkswagen got our Paint Protection Film Clear Bra – 30″ standard package. 30″ hood and fenders. Full bumper, headlights, side mirrors and door handle cups. Check out the last picture. It was though to get the right angle in a photo so you can see the edge of the Clear Bra on the hood and fender. If you don’t mind the line this Clear Bra package is a little more pocket book friendly. 🙂 Keep in mind that this line disappears from just a couple feet away and at most angles. More often than not we are installing full hood packages so there is no line across the hood or fenders.  #EncoreWindowTinting#getprotected #paintprotectionfilm #clearbra #Volkswagen #2019 #Atlis #VW #StandardPackage

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