Automotive Paint Protection (Clear Bra) Installation in Stockton, CA

The best protection you will never see!

ENCORE Window Tinting prides itself on offering high end Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) installations for customers in Stockton, Manteca, Tracy, and surrounding areas.

Check out this video of one of our latest Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) Installations:

It would be difficult to make this car look any better but we can protect the paint and help keep it looking fantastic! Full body coverage PPF! 2021 Tesla Model Y covered from ‘head to toe’ with our Paint Protection Film. If it’s white, it’s covered. The quality of our work speaks for itself. It’s always fun to do full cars. You really get to test your skills on parts you don’t cover that often. Give us a call to get on our schedule 209-762-3495

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Top Quality Paint Protection Film Installation:

There are major benefits to having Paint Protection Film installed on your vehicle. This clear film protects your paint against chips, scratches and stains caused by rocks, gravel, salt or insects. ClearShield Pro Paint Protection Film is an 8 mil thick urethane material that is virtually invisible once installed. The product is extremely durable and doesn’t require any additional maintenance. Our ClearShield Pro product comes with a manufacture’s 7 year warranty.

We’ve been installing Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) in Stockton since 2006. Within these years, the focus has been on putting out a high quality product. We’re confident that you will be happy with our initial installation on your vehicle – and for years to come.

It’s important to be comfortable with the quality the installer provides, the brand of the material being installed and to be sure that you are choosing patterns that cover the parts of the vehicle you are wanting protected. Besides the normal difficulties installing Paint Protection Film, almost all installations will require some cutting of the film on the car. Trimming the film on the car is a very delicate job and takes a skilled hand. A little bit too much pressure and someone can cut into the paint. Cuts in the paint are normally never found or noticed until the film is removed or replaced. This is an area that all of our years of experience comes in handy! You can take comfort in knowing that your car is in good hands when you leave it with us.



Our Clear Bra/Paint Protection Packages


* Complete Hood
* Complete Fenders
* Complete Bumper
* Headlights
* Side View Mirrors
* Door Handle Cups


* First 22″ Hood
* Fenders (matching line from hood)
* Complete Bumper
* Headlights
* Side View Mirrors
* Door Handle Cups



* Door Edge Guards
* Rocker Panels
* Windshield Pillars
* Roof – Leading Edge
* Rear Bumper Guard for Trunk
* We Can Cover Almost Any Part You Can Think of!


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